Friday, February 11, 2011

Growing Up sooooo fast!

The girls adore each other. Amelia told me last night she wished she had 2 Evie's. Evie started walking 1/23--11 months. She is a happy happy baby...and FINALLY sleeping through the night! Late winter has consisted of snow days and trying to get outside when it is a little nice. We have been on several family hikes on the AT, strolls, play dates, dinner with friends, and family visits. Amelia is taking gymnastics and loving it. The girls will start swimming in March. Thomas' film will premiere at a film festival in Kentucky in late February. His DVD has already been selling online and will be available in stores probably in early summer. I have been working part-time (2 days/wk) the last year. I am now working on Mission's heart failure unit and have also taken a job with Mayland Community College as an adjunct clinical nursing instructor. I teach second year nursing students on my cardiac floor 1 day/week so now I am back to my usual 3 days/week. I have really enjoyed teaching and may eventually steer away from bedside nursing and go the teaching route...we'll see.

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