Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sailing on Lake Lanier-staying with the Oliver's over the 4th. The girls love the boat. We had a great time. We found an island where it is perfect to anchor the boat and swim, even has a private nature trail. We have not seen our friend's the Bookouts as much as we used to, both having 2 kids now...but we have managed to get some play time with them lately. Jackson and Amelia always have a blast!


Amanda and Bailey visited Gainesville at the end of June-we all bunked at her house on the lake. It was great fun and relaxing times-wish we could see them more. When they left they took mom back to CO with them. Our family headed over to the Oliver's lake house thru the 4th. We have sailed, visited the WNC Nature center, swam, hiked, played in swim holes, you name it...