Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sailing on Lake Lanier-staying with the Oliver's over the 4th. The girls love the boat. We had a great time. We found an island where it is perfect to anchor the boat and swim, even has a private nature trail. We have not seen our friend's the Bookouts as much as we used to, both having 2 kids now...but we have managed to get some play time with them lately. Jackson and Amelia always have a blast!


Amanda and Bailey visited Gainesville at the end of June-we all bunked at her house on the lake. It was great fun and relaxing times-wish we could see them more. When they left they took mom back to CO with them. Our family headed over to the Oliver's lake house thru the 4th. We have sailed, visited the WNC Nature center, swam, hiked, played in swim holes, you name it...

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thomas showing off on the Colorado River

Someone had to stay home and keep it real...we are happy to have him home safe and strong!

Happy Spring

Happy Spring! The girls hunted easter eggs with the dad while the mom worked at the hospital...We spent a week on Folly Beach with mom, dad, grandma, amanda, jon, bailey, a few of the hightowers [grace, ashley, phillip and aunt margaret-bill and lauren could only handle one night:) We finally met our precious Bailey-what a sweet, beautiful baby! Thomas was rafting/kayaking the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon for 18 days. Nonnie ventured to Asheville to take care of us the first week he was gone, then we went to Folly Beach for a week, on to grandma's for Bailey's baptism weekend, then back to Asheville...whew...a busy 3 weeks! We are happy to all be together again. Evie and Amelia are having a blast together. We are blessed!

Monday, March 21, 2011

We have had lots of family time this winter...glad it is SPRING! Two kids is easier when you can get outside...the girls love being with us so it really does not matter what we are doing outside, just nice not to be inside! We went to Gainesville a few weeks ago to celebrate my grandma's 92nd birthday. Aunt Margaret and Uncle Bill were there; we really enjoyed our weekend of lake side walks, playing with the dogs, park outings, mimi and papaw visits...We celebrated Evie's first birthday last month. Time flies! She is the sweetest, happiest child...so much fun! She'll be the life of the party...watch out! She and Amelia adore each other. Every night and even at nap time, they hug and kiss night-night. The Oliver's came up for Evie's birthday weekend and my mom visited the next. Amelia has started ballet. She still talks about gymnastics so I am not sure what we will stick with...time will tell. The girls will not go to school this summer. My friend Lesley, their favorite nanny-friend [auntie lesley] whose been a blessing to our family since Amelia was 2, will work with them until they go back to school part time in August. I suspect we will be spending a lot of time at the pool this summer. Evie loves the water. Amelia loves to swim but not put her head under so we are going to have to work on that this spring and summer. Thomas is paddling the Colorado through the Grand Canyon for 18 days at the end of March-April. We will miss him dearly. Nonnie is coming to stay with us for a week, then we are heading to Folly for a week. We are finally going to meet Bailey, Amanda's daughter who was born Nov. 15.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Poor Evie had to visit the doctor on her 1st birthday. She has been well for a year, minor runny noses here and there, and now she has RSV, as do most of the other kids we know. Arghh. She is still her happy go lucky self, though. She got to celebrate with her nonnie, ollie, and aunt abbie this past weekend-will post pictures later. She went to town on the homemade cake nonnie made. She was double-fisting cake bites and loving every bit of it. We are celebrating with mimi this coming weekend-hoping she will be much better by then.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Growing Up sooooo fast!

The girls adore each other. Amelia told me last night she wished she had 2 Evie's. Evie started walking 1/23--11 months. She is a happy happy baby...and FINALLY sleeping through the night! Late winter has consisted of snow days and trying to get outside when it is a little nice. We have been on several family hikes on the AT, strolls, play dates, dinner with friends, and family visits. Amelia is taking gymnastics and loving it. The girls will start swimming in March. Thomas' film will premiere at a film festival in Kentucky in late February. His DVD has already been selling online and will be available in stores probably in early summer. I have been working part-time (2 days/wk) the last year. I am now working on Mission's heart failure unit and have also taken a job with Mayland Community College as an adjunct clinical nursing instructor. I teach second year nursing students on my cardiac floor 1 day/week so now I am back to my usual 3 days/week. I have really enjoyed teaching and may eventually steer away from bedside nursing and go the teaching route...we'll see.